The Nuts and Bolts of Our Process

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Step 1: Briefing and Strategy

Together we work out the purpose of your video, the audience and the key messages.  The brief is a document that forms the blueprint of the entire project.  It guides the creative execution of your video and the whole production process.  We’ll spend time with you to get this right.

Step 2: Creative Treatment

We come up with some creative ideas to suit your budget.  You chose the one you like best. Where appropriate, we present you with a script / storyboard / mood board / animatic, and we talk you through the idea and how it will look in the end.

Step 3: Sign Off

Once you are happy to proceed, you sign off the brief, strategy and idea and we proceed to making the video.

Step 4: Pre-Production

Our Production team find locations and actors and do all the logistics and necessary paperwork to prepare for the shoot or graphics animation.

Step 5: Production

This is the day (or days) of filming, either on location, in your office or in a studio.  Or this could be creating your animation.

Step 6: Editing

We cut together the video and show you the first ‘rough cut’.

Step 7: Motion Design

When you are happy with the rough cut, the video is passed to our motion design and graphics team.  They add captions and special effects – whatever is agreed in the creative treatment.

Step 8: Sound Design

We add the professional voice over and mix the sound effects and voice with the music.

Step 9: Final Sign Off

Step 10: Delivery

We deliver across all specs and in all formats, eg mov, mp4, wmv…etc.  We agree the deliverables in the briefing.  If your video is needed for an event, we can contact the event organisers for the desired delivery spec.  If you’re not sure what you need, we can advise.

Step 11: Advice on placing and measuring ROI

Once your video is delivered it’s time for you to place it: Either on your website, on YouTube, in an email marketing campaign, in a presentation or at an event.  Your video can be used in multiple places and shown multiple times for maximum impact.  We can advise you on this.

Step 12: Thinking Ahead

Storage of your assets for future use can be arranged.  Should you wish to re-purpose your footage or commission further videos we can keep a copy of your company logo, deliverables and footage so that we have everything to hand for future projects.  This can be a great budget saver for future projects.



We have turned videos around in a matter of days, however the average turnaround time for a video from brief to concept to delivery and placement is 3-4 weeks.


our creative process

Our process is different to that of other creative agencies and video production companies because we’ve been in your shoes.  They’re very stylish and envied by many.  We’ve walked around in your shoes, but they’re not as comfortable as they first appear.  The amount of stakeholders you need to please puts pressure on; even trying to pin down the relevant people and get them to agree on a video communication strategy can be a real pain.

You need a company that will take the pressure off.  At TellyJuice we feel your pain and we ease it by offering you a creative service that you won’t find anywhere else.


Clients used to come to us with a semi formed strategy.  It had probably taken months to get to that point with the amount of meetings and sign -offs they’d endured.  The pain was already unbearable and in order to try and please everyone they often asked for a strategy that fitted no one.


We encourage you to contact us as soon as you feel a pinch.  We’ll discuss that pain and all the symptoms associated with it.  We’ll ask the right questions.  From there we can offer our professional opinion and advice.  Working with you, we can offer you a range of remedies along with your recommendations.  This model of working is effective and it gets the best results.


We just want to make your life easier and produce the best and most effective video for you.  By offering this unique advisory and guide service and by getting involved in the project from an early stage: We can do just that.

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