Meet the Juicers

We’re a talented team of Creatives, Directors, Designers and Producers who are completely confident in what we do. Despite that we’re a friendly, unpretentious bunch who love to shine the limelight on our clients.


Niall Towl

Managing Director & Creative Director, TellyJuice Media Group

Niall is the Managing Director of TellyJuice. He was previously employed by Sky, ITV and Paramount Comedy Channel where he wrote and directed many award-winning on-air campaigns. Niall’s list of awards is embarrassingly long, but his biggest creative challenge to date is co-founding TellyJuice. Niall’s skills are writing, directing and drumming. When Niall is not at work he’s either at The Arsenal, walking his dog or making movies.


Jason Attar

Director of Sales & Marketing

Jason is the only person at TellyJuice who really knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera. Jason is a comedian and actor and before creating TellyJuice he worked for Paramount Comedy and starred in C4’s Balls of Steel, Kevin Powder and Marshal’s Law. Jason also writes, directs and shoots. He can never sit still and his passion is challenging himself. When he’s not working, he’s a climbing frame for his children. Jason’s motto is: “Let no shadows be found where dreams are born.”

Dave_bw_thumbnail copy

Dave Toomer

General Manager & Creative Director

As TellyJuice’s Creative Director, Dave ensures all work meets TellyJuice’s creative standards. He also manages the creative team and keeps our clients happy. He claims he was employed for his tea-making skills, but really it was his experience at BDA, Sky, ITV and Channel 5 as well as his ability to come up with fantastic, creative concepts. Dave has won numerous awards for his work. When he’s not working he’s watching Liverpool FC or playing Pro Evolution Soccer 15. The person to play Dave in a movie: Buzz Lightyear.


David Skinner

Head of Design

As the result of a 19-year career at ITV as a Senior Designer, David has a wealth of knowledge and experience in motion graphics and art design. David has creativity pouring out of him, and has won many an award for his visual genius. David comes up with creative solutions for our major clients including The Guardian and BBC. Wandering in the great outdoors, images and the sea spark David’s creativity. He says his best ideas come to him just before he nods off to sleep, but as yet we haven’t needed to install a bedroom for him at TellyJuice!


Lisa Howard

Head of Operations

Lisa is TellyJuice’s Head of Operations, which means she keeps the company afloat and ship shape! With over 15 years’ experience in the creative industries Lisa has supported the professional development of many talented, successful people. She is also a keen drawer and is always working on a creative project or two or three.

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Liz Dolan

Head of Production

Liz joined TellyJuice after 17 years working at Sky Creative. She’s produced shoots all over the world with countless sports stars, celebrities and actors. Liz is super-organised and unstoppable: she manages our Production team, produces our commercials and still finds time to go camping with her 2 sons, keep chickens and train for half-marathons.


Peter Humphries

Head of Creative Services

At TellyJuice Peter writes scripts, edits and oversees projects. His attention to detail is unrivalled and he is the King of multi-tasking. Peter was previously employed by ITV Creative where he won several awards for his on-air trailers. When he’s not at work, Peter is usually on the train getting to work, or on the train leaving work. He loves to watch Liverpool FC and Shakespeare plays (but not at the same time).


Maddie Blundell

Senior Producer

Maddie is the first port of call for clients. Not only is she super-friendly, she’s also super-organised and is awesome at creating a plan and process for EVERYTHING. Maddie was previously employed on various TV productions, including The Great British Bake Off and 10 ‘O Clock Live. You may not know it to look at Maddie but she has been stung by a jellyfish – twice. Maddie’s passions are music, gigs and festivals and her motto is: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”


Bethan Greatorex


Bethan is creative on many levels, as not only does she edit video, grade video and direct audio sessions, but she’s also awesome at knitting, rapping and playing a variety of instruments. Unusually for a creative she has a highly developed tech brain too. When she’s not at TellyJuice, Bethan can be found binging on Netflix, especially crime drama – the cheesier the better. Bethan’s motto is: “Don’t make excuses, make good!”


Emma Baxter

Senior Creative & Marketing Manager

As Senior Creative, Emma comes up with ideas, writes, directs and edits. She also oversees TellyJuice’s digital marketing, creating content for blogs and the website, both written and video. Emma previously worked at Sky, History, ITV and Living. In her spare time Emma is an (as yet) unpublished author, photographer and fan of Jackie Chan movies. Emma’s motto is: “Don’t just plant a seed, water it.”

Harry Brinn


Harry has a superb creative eye and his editing skills (especially cutting to music) are supreme. At TellyJuice, Harry creates video for clients such as ITV, UKTV and Racing UK. Harry is also an essential film crew member and previously worked on The Keith Barret Show and on various productions for Touchpaper Television. Harry has an extensive knowledge of film and TV shows and he’s also awesome at making roast dinners! If Harry wasn’t a Creative, he wishes he was… a butterfly.


Lauren Woodfall

Camera Op/ Colourist

Lauren digitises and manages the enormous amount of footage that comes through TellyJuice. She has a massive amount of technical knowledge that mere mortals can only wonder at, so she is essential for any tech assistance both in the office and out on shoots. Lauren’s passions are video and camera; she graduated from University for the Creative Arts and scooped an award – The Royal Television Society Student Award for Best Factual Film 2014.


Natalie Garden


As well as bringing a little bit of tartan to TellyJuice, Natalie brings super-brains, organisation and attention to detail. She’s an invaluable member of production and oversees projects from brief to delivery. Before joining TellyJuice, Natalie worked on productions for BBC Scotland and at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Her passions include Victorian literature, Roger Federer and she can also play the piano and write incredibly neatly.


Mohamed Kissarli

Motion Graphic Designer

We snapped up Mohamed “MK” fresh out of Ravensborne College because this fella knows how to whip up a great design. His skills were evident as young as Year 9 at school, when he won an art competition by creating a stop-motion play-dough film. His prize was a laptop complete with Adobe Creative Suite CS3, which kicked off his career in design and got him where he is today! MK loves Arsenal, on-line gaming & runs his own fashion line.


Kate Chedgey

Senior Creative

Kate is creative, talented and funny. She has over 15 years experience creating campaigns for BBC, Red Bee, Ch5 and London Live with jobs that have included interviewing a guinea pig and being dressed as a turkey. She loves coming up with innovative approaches to client briefs, writing comedy scripts and keeping abreast of developments in the savoury snack world.


Ian Clarke

Senior Motion Graphic Designer

Ian is fantastic at art design, motion graphics and shenanigans. With years of experience freelancing for big brands and 6 years at Viasat/MTG under his belt, Ian is a truly talented and experienced designer.  All we need to do is keep him topped up with constant cups of tea and magical things appear on his screen. Ian has worked all over Europe, lived in Stockholm, and won many awards. ‘T’was awesome craic,” he says.


Louis Holland

Production Assistant

Reading FC supporter Louis is our super-hardworking and mega-organised Production Assistant. He was previously a runner on various music videos and Iranian X-Factor. As well as getting the TellyJuice crew organised he’s also awesome at playing the drums, football and surfing and is already developing his camera skills.  He wisely believes “creativity is intelligence having fun.”


Helena Teixeira

Edit Assistant

Helena was born in Guimarãres, Portugal (UNESCO world heritage site) but moved to London when she was 18. Helena is our invaluable super-tech brain who converts and organises all the media that passes through TellyJuice. Before joining us, she studied Film Practice at uni and was an Edit Assistant at Envy Post. Helena loves soaking up as many films as she can, the London gig scene and art exhibitions.  She speaks her native Portugese, Spanish, English and Tech.