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Video has become an incredibly effective way to market your company or assist your internal communications. Corporate video production has never before been so cost-effective, and using video to present business case studies is a powerful option.

By creating remarkable video, we can help your company to create persuasive case study videos that highlight the stories around your successes.  Using video to tell a company or organisation’s story is far more compelling than text or still imagery.

At TellyJuice we create case study videos for some of the UK’s biggest companies. A well-produced case study video can:

  • Drive sales via click-through engagement.
  • Provide business stories that prove your company’s credibility.
  • Appoint you as credible thought-leaders in your field.
  • Prove that you get results.
  • Win pitches.
  • Win awards.

An example of one of our recent case study videos

Business case studies are an incredibly creative way to land your message. Often they follow a set structure, but just like TV shows and movies, this story structure can be executed creatively in a million different ways.

Using our decades of TV broadcast experience, we approach this creative challenge with expertise and gusto and will deliver a case study video that will captivate your audience. We make it our mission to:

  • Consider your audience and the context in which the case study video will be viewed.
  • Tell your story with real people or with humour or with drama.
  • Engage human emotion; a far more impactful approach when relating to a case study.
  • Appeal to your audience; by concentrating on your incredible solution, insight or strategy.
  • Make your video a pleasure to watch.

Case study video presentation

Video case studies can be presented and shared in the following ways:

  • Embedded on your website as a hardworking asset that delivers customer engagement.
  • Sent out as e-mail or newsletter material.
  • Posted on social networks to improve your brand image, expertise and credibility in the market.
  • Played in presentations and pitches to engage potential clients.

Click on the thumbnails for more examples of video case studies produced by TellyJuice

coke case study

Coca-Cola Case Study

bbc malaysia case study

BBC Malaysia Case Study