FAQ: What is the best kind of corporate video? Live action? Animation? What about adding graphics?

Pretty early on we’re going to pop the big question: live action or animation? If you genuinely don’t know, we’ll gladly come up with some creative options for you to suit your budget. Live action involves using actors and real life footage, while animation relies on creating digital, motion graphic sequences in 2D or 3D – no glasses required. We can do either. Or both! Or none, if you want to go sound-only.

Live Action

This ‘lights, camera, action’ style approach is more likely to work for companies that take pride in providing a service that revolves around people and face to face interactions. Nothing says you’re a people-person better than people. If you focus on delivering a personal service, such as education, care, banking etc., live action provides that all-important human (albeit virtual) touch.

While brand films and promotional videos will express your dazzling personality to potential new customers, you should also consider how you present yourself to your employees using internal videos. You don’t need a face that will launch a thousand ships, but when trying to communicate brand ethos, change in policy or celebrate success, it sounds a lot better coming from a visible human being. Especially when it involves senior company members who would not usually have an opportunity to present themselves in person. Filming can be done on location, in a studio, or in your office if you’ll let us in!


If your company are offering a more complex service, animation is actually a really powerful tool to have at your disposal. It breaks down information and processes into stories that are much more likely to be understood and engaged with by a wide audience.

This can be very effective in videos intended for online platforms, such as explainer videos for your website or YouTube, where a talking-heads style explanation risks becoming a bit of a bore.

Concerns about trying to get dense, technical information across such as a complex change in company policy can be tamed and distributed by animation. We are leagues beyond PowerPoint presentations. Motion graphics convey information and capture attention, without distracting too much from the crucial points at hand.

Mixed Media: Live Action with Post Production

Most corporate videos are a mixture of live action (filming) and motion graphics.
Special effects such as animatronics are created in-camera during the filming process, then enhanced in post production. However visual effects, or CGI (computer generated imagery) are created to layer on top of your footage in post-production like the bread on a delicious sandwich.

This can be as simple as adding captions and text, adding a colour grade, or creating 2D or 3D environments. When we pitch a creative concept to you, these ideas will be presented as style frames or animatics to show you the options available to you.

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