FAQ: What corporate video is right for my company?

If you don’t know exactly what kind of story you want your company to tell, don’t worry. It’s our job to help with that!

There is no better way of boosting awareness of your company than creating an identifiable brand and broadcasting your company image across all of your digital media platforms. TellyJuice has a history of making successful professional corporate videos. From Corrie-loving snails to a cartoon Stephen Fry, we’ve done it all. (Don’t worry, we will not force you to use a Corrie-loving snail.)

When considering a corporate video, there is a wide variety to choose from. Here are broad guidelines of the different types of corporate video we produce:

Web Video

A web video explains your company’s services. Naturally, it goes on the web. TellyJuice can help your company produce a creative video that can help increase your company’s online presence.

Events Video

If you would like to have a copy of an important moment such as an event your company is organising or attending, we advise the events video. This type of corporate video can be used on your website or any social media platform, keeping your audience up to date with events your company is involved with. Perfect for making people feel involved if they couldn’t attend, or making people jealous if they chose not to.

Explainer Video

This type of corporate video can benefit your company if you are trying to present or explain a specific concept to your clients. Our team of lovely professional writers can help you develop this type of video simplifying complicated ideas into a friendlier and more understandable approach. Thankfully it doesn’t take an explainer video to explain the concept of an explainer video. (But we could make one if you want us to!)

Promotional Video

This type of corporate video can be quickly shared via different social media platforms and it can help promote the company’s services. Not to be confused with a slow-motional video, which is a normal video slowed down. Slow motion promotional videos are uncommon but we’d love to see more.

Case Study Video

This type of corporate video can be placed on your company’s website and usually includes statements from members of the company or demonstrates the company’s success rate. It’s best to make a case study video when your company is doing well. A case study video focusing on a failure could help employees learn from their mistakes, but it sure would be depressing.

Internal Communications Video

This type of video is great way to show personality to a company, and it has been proven to have a positive impact on employees when you are trying to convey memorable messages. When done well, that is. Remember all those great internal communications videos you’ve seen? Don’t worry, you would if we made them!

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