FAQ: How long should a corporate video be?

The question shouldn’t really be about length – the more important factors are the quality of the video and how engaging your video is. What’s the point of having a 5-minute video if your viewers have zoned out or clicked away after only a few seconds?

But is shorter sometimes better?

There is much research to suggest that shorter videos are better at maintaining the viewer’s attention. The Statistic Brain Research Institute found that people’s attention spans are shrinking, with the average being just over 8 seconds. If you’re still with us after this likely over-8-second paragraph, we have more to tell you. The same researchers also found that viewers will watch an internet video for an average of 2.7 minutes before switching to something else. This research suggests that shorter videos are better for maintaining viewer attention and are more likely to be watched to the end.

Focus on Purpose

The 2.7 minute average watching time can be a handy guideline but it should by no means be followed blindly, remember the ‘quality not quantity’ adage. The real focus of a corporate video should be on getting your point across in the most compelling and engaging way possible, ensuring that every second has a purpose. If someone finds something useful, intriguing, engaging or interesting, they will watch a video to its end, regardless of how long it may be. Think about how many people sat through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, which we swear has a total running time of about a month.

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