FAQ: What needs to be in my video production brief?

Whether you are producing a video in-house or hiring an awesome production company like TellyJuice, a video brief is crucial to plan and communicate the goals of a corporate video.

So what needs to be in a video production brief?

Your company background.

How does your company differ from the competition and what are the company’s key attributes and aims?

Your target audience.

Who is your target audience, how do you plan to engage them and how do you normally reach them?

Business goals.

What is the goal of the video?

  • Do you want to increase sales?
  • Acquire new customers?
  • Obtain more views on your website?
  • Update customers on a big offer?

A brief needs this information because it allows TellyJuice to create a video that is focused on a goal. It also helps to avoid falling into the pitfall of squeezing too much unnecessary information into a video.


While you rely on us to make a great video, you need to give us an idea of what needs to be included, what you would like the tone to be and what are the mandatory facts and messages to include?

Case-studies and the competition.

If you have seen a corporate video you like, please include this example in the brief. Adding your main competitors to the brief also helps us to research them and ensure that you stand out. Don’t worry, we will not simply rip them off, we will embarrass them with a far superior corporate video.

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