Event Video Production

Events can take weeks or even months to prepare. The day of the event is the culmination of all your efforts.  By capturing the live action and creating an event video, you will capture all the key moments from the day, enabling you to broadcast to a far wider audience at a time you choose.

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Event Video Production

TellyJuice is the right event video production company for you, if:

  • You want your event video to capture the life and the atmosphere, the scale and success of the event.
  • You want the key messages, key speakers and highlights captured to prove the success of the event.
  • You want your event video turned around quickly, often within hours of the main event.
  • You want advice on repurposing your footage to allow your budget to stretch even further.

Peace of Mind: We are Experts in Event Video Production

We are experts in shooting live action. We come from a TV broadcasting background and have filmed thousands of hours of footage. Your event video is in safe hands:

  • Our Directors have worked with hundreds of celebrities and presenters, where only the best quality work is acceptable. Our professional approach is standard.
  • Our camerapeople, or DoPs (Director of Photography) have worked on movies, commercials, promos, adverts and television shows. Whether single camera, or multi-camera, we have kit for every job: Check out our resources here.
  • Our editors have cut tv documentaries, comedies, adverts and promotions. No two jobs are the same: We edit your event video to your brief and with your audience in mind.

Our Advice

We have a great working relationship with our clients. We offer a unique, advisory service, where we share our expertise and offer you a range of creative approaches for your event video. From the footage we capture, you would be able to:

  • Promote brand awareness; show off your keynote speaker, or short snippets of the event on social media.
  • Broadcast to a wider audience; create an event video highlight reel to broadcast internally or globally, as a record of the day.
  • Pre-launch annual events with highlights of the previous year’s event.

Let your event video tell a story

As well as covering the main event, we encourage our clients to allow us to shoot behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with attendees and organisers. A story of the event will emotionally engage your viewers.