Internal Communication Video Production

At TellyJuice, we work directly with Heads of Internal Communications, Marketing Directors and CEOs, to deliver branded messages and announcements, communicate results and thought leadership processes – so the overall corporate strategy can be played out to the whole organisation. We work with companies of all sizes in all sectors to enhance the way they communicate with employees.

An example of a recent internal communications video…

Why Video for Internal Communications?

Goodbye long, cumbersome marketing documents, farewell boring PowerPoint presentations. At TellyJuice, we know that internal communications professionals are always looking for ways to get time-strapped employees to engage in company news.

Video is at the heart of the distribution revolution. Video is instantly accessible to employees and integrates perfectly with their daily online experience and is accessible to everyone on every mobile device.

Video is more engaging, more emotive and therefore more effective: presenting a unique opportunity to share messages in a far more personal way than traditional internal communications.

Whether live action interviews with CEOs, or a complicated change in policy using animation, we help you to find the right creative solution to suit your audience.

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How can TellyJuice ease your internal communications hurdles?

We feel your pain and we make it our job to make your job easier and your internal communications smoother.

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We are expert scriptwriters. We have years of experience in the broadcast industry, writing for different audiences in different formats. We work very closely with you, and we begin each project by gaining a thorough understanding of your organisation’s strategy and goals, the audience you are addressing, your key messages and your internal communications objectives.

We make internal communications videos to cover:

  • Updates about current developments, performance and upcoming events.
  • Underlining of corporate policies.
  • Changes in the marketplace that have implications on the business.
  • Congratulations for good work being done.
  • Keeping everyone informed of changes in direction, structure, philosophy etc.
  • Explaining reasons behind changes.
  • Reducing any potential confusion by mapping out changes visually and supporting with on-screen text.
  • Induction: an overview of the business and its operations.
  • Induction: company culture and ethos.
  • Health and safety information.


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