Branding & Motion Graphics

TellyJuice is very proud of our award-winning, in-house motion graphics and animated video production department. It’s one of our greatest assets and sets us apart from any other video production company.

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Of all the animated video production companies…
Why should you choose TellyJuice?

  • Our award-winning team of designers are the best in their field.
  • Our company is made up of script writers, directors, producers and animators who have many years of experience with video production for the broadcast industry. We are professional film makers who understand the power of storytelling and the importance of engaging emotions to connect with an audience.
  • Our video and design services are all under one roof, meaning your budget goes further. For more information on our in-house resources, click here.

Our branding and motion graphics work

Design and Art Direction

Motion Graphics and Animation are nothing without a great idea behind them. Our beautifully crafted communication is based on getting to know your brand identity. From there we develop a design and lead your project.

2D and 3D Animation

From the UK’s major TV channels to smaller corporate businesses, TellyJuice is a widely known and trusted 2D and 3D animation company. We start with your brief and from there we develop a concept and a creative execution.


A strong brand identity equals a strong business. Every brand is different and every challenge is specific. From titles and programme packaging, to rebranding a channel, we can help you reach your creative destination.

Animated Explainer and Corporate Videos

Animated explainer videos allow businesses to communicate their key selling points to their audience quickly, in a way that will keep them entertained and engaged. If you have a complex idea that needs explaining, often it can be told more easily through animated storytelling.

Title Sequences

Either by working with your existing shot footage, or creating motion graphics from scratch, we deliver title sequence design that does more than just pique interest: it gives projects credibility and gravitas so that your sales teams can be proud to present your content to sponsors, advertisers or take to Cannes.

Print, Billboards and Web

Good ideas deserve to be seen so if you plan to use a 360 marketing campaign to allow your communications to reach your audience, TellyJuice can help and provide all the multimedia collateral you need.

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