Animated Explainer & Corporate Video

In order for you to communicate your message clearly, an animated corporate video needs to grab your viewer’s attention and more importantly – keep it to the end of the video.

Animated explainer videos allow businesses to communicate their key selling points to their audience quickly, in a way that will keep your audience entertained and engaged.

If you have a complex idea that needs explaining, often it can be told more easily through animated storytelling.  With a strong creative concept, an animated video is far easier to digest, bringing ideas and messages to life and making a lasting impression.  On a practical level, animation and graphic design can go where a film camera can’t: a camera isn’t enough to capture an idea: it can’t see inside a computer system or an app, it can’t capture a thought process or an idea.  With a great creative concept, motion graphics and animation can take you anywhere.

At TellyJuice we’ll help you with the concept and ideas, we’ll present you with storyboards, write your scripts for you and find the perfect agency voice-over for you, according to your brief.