Title Sequence Design and Animation

After months of filming, production and post, your series is finally complete. All it needs now is a stunning title sequence that’ll not only pique interest in the viewer, but set the tone, convey the premise and give maximum style and impact to your production.

By either working with your existing shot footage, or creating motion graphics from scratch, we deliver title sequence design that does more than just pique interest; it gives projects credibility and gravitas so that your sales teams can be proud to present your content to sponsors, advertisers or take to Cannes.

Titles and TV show branding are vital to the success of your content, and our title sequence design team produces cut-through sequences that give your production the style it deserves.

We’ve been creating stunning visual effects for years.  Our graphic artists have helped to shape some of the best-known series on TV and have worked across many broadcast channels.

Our expertise includes motion graphics and animation, character development, typography and illustration. Depending on the nature of the work, the title sequence may be designed in 2D, 3D or a combination of both.

We also have access to the country’s top composers to give your project the powerful impact it deserves.