Brand Films & Promotional Video

Now that every company has the opportunity to be a broadcaster and publisher, a promotional video can really bring your brand to life – or give you an invaluable competitive edge.

Swakeley’s School For Girls – Brand Film

We make promotional video and brand films for television broadcasters and businesses.

Whether it’s a brief brand film on television, or at a live event or presentation, a promo video on your website, or a or a cheeky viral video, we know how to help you leverage your brand to maximum effect.

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Promotional video production with impact

A brand film is an invaluable way for your audience to engage with you. A well-made promotional video can inspire your audience, establish your reputation, cast a fresh light on your position in the market, or relaunch and reinvigorate your brand. Our years of experience tell us this is best done through storytelling.

The best brand films are compelling, emotional, educational and tell inspiring stories.

Now more than ever audiences crave video online. A good promotional video gives your business an opportunity to tell an authentic, compelling story that will get your audience fired up about your brand. By inspiring and engaging your audience to think and talk about your brand, a good promo video will turn your viewers into brand champions.

A brand film can be made for your product or service, for charity fundraising and awareness, or to illustrate your corporate image. With a brand film you can inspire your audience to share your vision.

Our promo video production process

At TellyJuice, we collaborate closely with you to produce your brand film and create compelling content by getting to know your business and your audience.

Read more about our creative process here.

When you work with TellyJuice to create a promo video you receive the full service of a highly experienced production agency. Because we have filming, design, branding and video production services all in-house, your budget will go further.


The TellyJuice team members are masters of short-form video. We like to squeeze every drop of our award-winning knowledge into both broadcast and business communications.

We are broadcast experts and our team of designers and directors have exceptional experience in brand video production, infusing your brand film with our creative flair and passion. We have worked with some of the UK’s biggest businesses and broadcasters. See what they have to say about us here.

Click below for more examples of brand films that we have made.

Ad stream brand film

Adstream Brand Film

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