BBC Entertainment asked TellyJuice to create a whole promo campaign for their funny new reality show Best In Town. They wanted a conceptual launch promo, series of specific promos, website banners, poster campaign, press ad, skyscraper, leader board and hero image. The campaign needed to work in multiple languages and both on-air and off air. The campaign needed to appeal to the same audience who watch competitive entertainment programmes such as Come Dine with Me and Three in a Bed.


Best in Town sees 3 different trades set against each other in a friendly competition to be crowned The Best in Town. We came up with a fluid journey flowing from one trade to the next, focusing closely on each craft. We chose flower arranging cake making, hairdressing and dog grooming and spent a day filming 3 dogs, 3 hairdressers, 3 cake makers..etc on green screen. Through the use of split screens we used clever transitions that allowed the viewer to move from one situation to another through visual links, eg what appears to be a head of hair, suddenly transforms into a poodle being groomed. The pace pics up as the competitors battle to be the fastest and most successful at their particular practice.