The Guardian asked us to create an advert to promote the new jobs search facility on their website.

They wanted the advert to show how they can build confidence and teach a new skill set to their audience.


We spent a day in the film studio with an actor and several dancers in morph suits.  We filmed the main actor on a clean plate and then recreated the set in Cinema4D.  The film was completed using AfterEffects to composite the footage, add textures, lighting and 3D elements – including the giant CV letters, which are entirely CGI.


The Guardian were very happy with the commercial’s results and the increased reach of the jobs website.

Want to read more and see more?  Take a look behind-the-scenes of the video production at these photos and storyboards.

Director: David Toomer
Art Director: David Skinner
Motion Graphics: Adam Cutts
Producer: Zoe Papadopoulou