To promote the Mirror Bingo’s £10 for £40 credit offer, we were asked to create an advert that would show the changing nature of Bingo. The advert was to be shown nation wide on television.


We offered the client several different approaches and they chose this one: Bobby Bingo, which shows the tragic demise of a traditional Bingo caller’s career, due to the great success of Mirror Bingo’s online game.

Director: Niall Towl, Producer: Zoe Papodopoulou


Our client reported an instant impact in terms of traffic and new players. The Head of Group Partnerships at Trinity Mirror wrote to us and told us that, “We love Bobby Bingo! It’s a concept that’s got lots of potential for the future… TellyJuice offered both a very creative and highly professional service, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”