Swakeleys School for Girls came to TellyJuice and asked us to create a series of videos to promote the school to potential students, to reassure parents and for staff recruitment.


We spent a day at school filming and interviewing staff and pupils.

1. We created a 30 second advert for 6th form.

2. We created a 2 minute film to attract boys to the sixth form, particularly the high achievers. To do this we needed to showcase the environment as friendly and reassure the boys that the sport is not all girl focused.

3. We created another 1 minute film to promote Swakeleys School for Girls to parents, to tell them that they have a chance of admission, even if they are out of catchment. (SEEN HERE)


Swakeleys staff, pupils and parents are delighted with the videos. The Head of Sixth Form had this to say,

We were so lucky to have the chance to work with TellyJuice on the promotional film for our school. They helped us with every aspect of the process, from creative ideas to time management on the day of the shoot. When they came into school to shoot the film the process was smooth and it did not disrupt the running of the school day. The team were professional and helped both our pupils and staff show the very best of themselves on camera. We would highly recommend TellyJuice to any school looking to create a similar promotional package. They captured the ethos of our school on camera.