UKTV were holding their 2013-2014 Showcase in the Saatchi Gallery. They asked TellyJuice to create a video that would highlight the broad range of their new and returning commissions. The event was to be attended by hundreds of corporate clients including Sponsors, Advertisers and Press. The theme of the Showcase was a British ramble and the video needed to have a real wow factor that would set the tone of the event before people started their journey around the UKTV content that was displayed in the Saatchi Gallery. A highly creative and quirky approach was encouraged and strong use of UKTV’s new branding was of paramount importance.


We contacted UKTV’s events team to collaborate with them over the props that were to be used in the gallery. We photographed the Mini, the park bench, the sign posts and backpack and took them into After Effects and Cinema 4D. We used the shape and colour of UKTV’s nebular to create the landscape of the British countryside and used the Mini to lead us along a wild and exciting ride through UKTV’s newly commissioned content. We used British music and took the viewer on a journey towards the strange and surreal, with televisions that grew out of flowers, a swarm of flying binoculars and hot air balloons that carried picnic baskets. We also created a looped holding video of a blue door which was the entry point into the video. UKTV were so delighted with it that it became the main image of the Showcase event.