Creative Inspiration

Inspire your Creativity

A wonderful film about the meaning of creativity, and how 21 famous artists, movie directors, musicians find ways to inspire their creativity. Watch and enjoy, just as we did. Creativity is … Your spirit. Lee Daniels, Actor, Film Producer and Director True creativity comes from restrictions and limitations. Paul Schrader, […]

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Christmas Adverts on a Shoestring Budget

After the exquisite M&S Christmas advert, the beautiful John Lewis “Bear & Hare” film, and the epic Tesco Christmas campaign… Now…. Enjoy the cheap-as-chips Christmas videos that TellyJuice staff have created! Christmas adverts are something of an event in the UK. Whether sentimental, fantastical, glamorous or nostalgic, each year the […]

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How to Be Creative

Last night a group of the TellyJuice creative team went to the fabulous School of Life to attend a philosophical yet practical class on Creativity. Every day at TellyJuice we create ideas, images, scripts, motion graphics and much more in the video making process.   However last night we took some […]

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