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What’s the Big Deal about Podcasts?

Podcasts have already been around for 15 years. Originally music-based and named after the medium they were intended to be played on (iPod + broadcast = podcast), speech-led podcasts have hit the mainstream with more people listening than ever before, with a reported 4.7 million adults downloading in the UK […]

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YouTube is bigger than China

It’s official: YouTube has a bigger audience than ever, watching for a longer time than ever. So said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at VidCon this week. 1.4 billion people populate China, whereas YouTube has 1.5 billion logged-in viewers every month. That’s 1/5 of the entire world’s population. Perhaps more impressively, […]

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A New Look For London Live

Today’s the day London Live‘s fresh new branding goes live on air.  Since it’s launch three years ago, London Live has grown into a premium channel with a broad and expanding audience and felt that the channel’s branding deserved a refresh.  After successfully winning the pitch, the TellyJuice team went […]

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