After the exquisite M&S Christmas advert, the beautiful John Lewis “Bear & Hare” film, and the epic Tesco Christmas campaign…
Now…. Enjoy the cheap-as-chips Christmas videos that TellyJuice staff have created!

Christmas adverts are something of an event in the UK. Whether sentimental, fantastical, glamorous or nostalgic, each year the competition between Britain’s big brands gets tougher; the production values soar higher and the budgets are big enough to feed a turkey dinner to the population of a small country.

As an anthithesis to the indulgence of the big brand Christmas adverts, TellyJuice decided to hold a little in-house competition, just for fun. We decided to see how creative we could be with he miniscule budget of £50 and the laughable time scale of 4 hours. No commercial music was allowed, but the idea could be as ‘out-there’ as each time desired, just as long as the theme was Christmas. We wanted to prove that creativity doesn’t go hand-in-hand with huge budgets.


  1. Instead of over £1 million to spend – we were given £50 for props.
  2. Instead of months of pre-production, set building & shooting – we were given 4 hours and use of the meeting room.
  3. Instead of Rosie Huntington-Whitely in her bra and pants – we were given Olivia, Adam and Lisa from accounts.

Despite all that we’re very proud of our efforts.



Drew inspiration from Blue Peter and proved that with a few cotton wool balls and some sticky backed plastic – they could produce a whole month’s worth of 6 second festive stop frame animation videos on Vine.

For the full advine calendar, check it out HERE.  You can also follow us on twitter @tellyjuice




Paid homage to classic Japanese horror movies with a respectful nod to The Shining.

stills from tellyjuice creative challange

The winner will be announced at the TellyJuice Christmas party. In the meantime, you are welcome to cast your vote!