With the release of our latest graphics showreel, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to drag the team away from their screens to talk to them about their work so clients can get to know our motion boys a little better.  If you don’t know them already here is (L to R) Ian Clarke – Senior Motion Designer, David Skinner – Head of Design, and Mohamed Kissarli – Motion Designer.

Watching the showreel – What’s your favourite project of the last few months?

DS: I really enjoyed the Freesat idents with the pom pom monster. It was such a quick turn around that I got a real buzz and feel proud of the final character.  I also loved doing Hedy Lamarr as the subject matter was so cool.

IC: Racing UK was really fun and I’m loving the London Live project we’re all working on now because we were co-creators of the whole concept so I feel completely involved from the very beginning.

MK: I’m proudest of the 2015 Freesat idents with the CCTV camera as it was the first time I used 3D on Cinema 4D at TellyJuice.

What are you working on now?

DS & IC:  We’re working on the rebrand of London Live.

MK: I’m working on a VR project for one of our clients from the financial sector. It’s a virtual walkround of their new offices. The process is so fascinating & I feel really excited to be involved with virtual reality at this early stage as it’s going to become huge in the next few years.

What do you love about motion design?

DS: I love the variety of 2D and 3D projects, in fact the variety of all the work we do. I think our graphics showreel looks great and it shows the whole range of everything we create, including stop-frame-animation. Soon it will have VR as well!

IC: I like that we have to create something from nothing. Editors already have footage, but we have nothing. We have to come up with ideas and then create whole environments and compositions from scratch. As well as being creative we have to be analytical as well to work out how to use the software to build the idea. There are certain limitations but this can be a good thing as it boosts your creativity.

MK: I’ve been playing around with Unity, it’s a new tool to me and it’s exciting to learn what it can do.

What’s next in the motion design industry?

MK: It really won’t be long before everything will become digital. The tools for designers keep getting better and better and technology is evolving every day.  My future kids would be amazed that I was one of the first people to work on a VR job, I reckon VR is the future, especially of gaming.  They’ll probably have a VR headset stuck on their faces, but I won’t mind – just so long as they can still kick a football around in real life.

DS: It’s going to be really good to see how design develops with VR.  In the next few years the process of creating with VR will be a lot more accessible and probably built into everyday motion graphics software.