Once upon a Saturday afternoon, Jason and his daughter, the lovely Maggie spotted an old family scrapbook in a local charity shop.  The scrapbook was full of vintage birthday and Christmas cards received by siblings Michael and Penny. So much love, so many memories – carefully collected by two children over years and years, glued into a scrapbook and now finally forgotten and abandoned in a charity shop.

Maggie and Jason bought the scrapbook and 10 year old Maggie decided that she’d like to create her own Christmas play, using the cards collected by Michael and Penny.

The set was designed entirely by Maggie. She hand-drew the backgrounds and created a stage and a large intricate Christmas tree for the foreground.

Maggie used the pictures on the cards to write her own story that would bring back the sprit of Christmas and the memories of Penny and Michael. Then finally Jason helped her to set up the camera and off she went.

We decided not to edit the story as we would lose much of Maggie’s fantastic imagination and charm.  Our motion designer, Ian added a little Christmas magic but other than that the work is all Maggie’s.  Creativity obviously runs in TellyJuice blood.  (Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Living or Dead or Biblical, is Purely Coincidental).

So here it is … and very best Christmas wishes, from Maggie & everyone at TellyJuice.

Maggie’s Scrapbook Christmas Story.