Alvaro Matas design work

We are delighted to welcome Álvaro Matas Ferrer to the TellyJuice team.  Spanish-born Álvaro studied at Madrid University before becoming a web designer.  It didn’t take him long to realise the web part didn’t spark his imagination nearly as much as the design part.  His true passion lies in image making and typography.

Alvaro Typography

After further study and countless hours of home practice, Álavro was taken on by Buck, a prominent New York Design Studio, to work on big brands.  After a few more years of freelancing for creative agencies and design studios between London and Madrid, TellyJuice Creative Video Agency snapped him up.

Álvaro says his influences are graffiti, interior design, the New York-based artist Mario Hugo & Aussie designer Jonathan Zawada. He loves to create 3D typography in his spare time and his personal website’s design is due to be featured in next month’s Web Designer magazine.

Alvaro_Nick_Lab_Motion Design

Joining TellyJuice as a Motion Designer Álvaro will be creating fresh animation for advertisements, brand films and corporate video.  He says,

I’m looking forward to working on cool stuff and doing more design work for big brands.

Alvaro_boniver_3d design