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Tips for an effective explainer video

“Wait, I can explain!” Whether you are a Kanye West fan caught listening to Taylor Swift, a TV fan who doesn’t like Breaking Bad or just a manager trying to explain something to customers and employees, this is something you may have said. And at times like these, don’t you wish you had a simple,...

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christmas adverts 2016

Christmas Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Best and Worst of 2016

Mid-November, the time when British supermarkets and department stores let fire their big guns: The Christmas Commercial. In recent years Christmas commercials have become a cultural talking point. We all have our personal favourites; some of us like sentiment, some favour humour and some want pure spectacle. Here they are: this year’s runners and riders...

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Hedy Lamarr pioneering spirit

Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood Star and Wi-Fi Pioneer

Hiscox asked us to create engaging video content for their website that champions women in tech. TellyJuice’s Jason suggested the idea of using Hedy Lamarr, the 1940s Hollywood actress and inventor of spread sprectrum communication technology. In plain English, ‘spread spectrum communication technology’ is a frequency hopping system that was invented during WWII to send...

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Induction videos are a perfect way to introduce new employees to a company, its values and its workings.

What makes a great induction video?

In theory, induction videos are a perfect way to introduce new employees to a company, its values and its workings. In reality, far too many induction videos reveal their parent company to be cringe-inducing, boring or trying too hard. They really can be quite difficult to sit through, but that’s often because they’re difficult to...

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should you make a video cv

Video CV – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

A CV is the seed that sprouts into your career opportunities. Get it wrong and you could be doomed to a series of esteem-crushing rejections. Get it right and you could be at the centre of a war between companies who all want to hire you. But let’s face the facts: CVs are boring, and...

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Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #6

Ian, our Senior Graphic Designer, kicked off our sixth Clip Club with a beautiful animation called ‘One Bright Dot’ by Paris-based motion designer Clement Morin. Created in Cinema 4D and After Effects, the main character in this film is a little dot of light. Poetic and expressive, accompanied by beautiful sound design, the clip had...

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cadbury's gorilla best ads ever

Iconic ads of the noughties

The third entry in our ‘Iconic Ads’ series covers the ’00s, without a doubt the noughtiest decade in at least a hundred years. We saw the end of Harry Potter (or so we thought), the end of Napster (or so we thought), the end of George W Bush’s career, and we also watched some great...

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guiness advert best ever

Iconic Ads of the 90s

In the second of a brand new TellyJuice blog series, we go back to a decade dominated by boybands. A time when Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross replaced all our real friends. There were more than a few iconic ads that decade too. So let’s grab our Baywatch-style lifesaver floats and dive right...

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Retro TV 80s

Iconic Ads of the 80s

Pull up your leg warmers, plug in your Walkmen and dust off your Rubik’s Cubes. It’s time for the first in our new blog series that looks at iconic ads from decades gone by. This time, we’ve travelled back to the 1980s – a decade when a Hollywood cowboy actor became president, Michael Jackson made...

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Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #5

Adverts to blow your mind It all got a rather profound in Clip Club this week, as Jason showed us this great advert for Windows HoloLens. The world’s most advanced holographic computer platform enabling mixed reality. It sent our heads spinning and as we sat in our Juice meeting room with our sarnies and crisps...

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does comedy in advertising sell

Does comedy in advertising sell?

Comedy is one of our strong suits here at TellyJuice. Our Co-Owners Jason and Niall earned their stripes at Paramount Comedy Channel and have since produced original comedy content including a broadcast television series and two feature films… Many advertisers are similarly skilled in humour. Depending on what you are watching, the ad breaks can...

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Working at the heart of creativity: Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

At TellyJuice we are proud to be part of London’s most creative minds.  Today the rain may be falling on the streets of Clerkenwell as workers rush along Clerkenwell Road trying to avoid being splashed by puddles, but it’s a stark contrast to the street scene of last week. From Smithfield to Exmouth market, Clerkenwell’s...

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Is your corporate video outdated?

Is your corporate video dated?

Ah, 1994. It was a simpler time. Web users were torn between AOL and Yahoo; Oscar voters were torn between Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption; and funny people everywhere were torn between which of their Jim Carrey character impressions would get the most laughs. It was also the year that era-defining sitcom Friends completed...

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Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #4

The Spring has brought fresh weather and fresh creative inspiration in the form of TellyJuice‘s Clip Club. This month Senior Creative Kate showed us some clips proven to make audiences giggle. They are borrowed from ‘The Science of Laughter’, an interesting evening at the Barbican in conjunction with the London Comedy Festival. Here is a charming comedy...

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mark your card

TellyJuice Creates Titles Sequence for Mark Your Card

Mark Your Card is a weekly programme that is aired on Saturday mornings. It incorporates topical debates, guides you through the essentials of the day’s horse racing and offers professional advice on the Saturday afternoon runners and riders. Thinking outside the horsebox TellyJuice was asked to come up with the opening show title sequence for...

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Tips to help people interested in a career in video production.

Five tips on how to launch your career in video production

All successful video production teams combine technical proficiency with artistic vision and have several roles in different disciplines. This means that if you have an eye for design, are savvy with digital technology or simply have a passion for film, there could be a role in video production for you. Here are our five tips...

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TellyJuice Welcomes Senior Motion Graphic Designer: Ian Clarke

TellyJuice is delighted to welcome new Senior Motion Graphic Designer Ian Clarke to our ever-expanding team. He comes to us from the largest TV broadcasting company in Europe: Viasat/MTG, where he art-directed shoots all over Europe and won many awards. Just this week his Christmas spot won a Silver World Promax award in the Best Animation category....

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Child Rescue Alert banner

TellyJuice Create Video Campaign for Child Rescue Alert

Missing People, the charity that offers support for missing people and their families, has launched a Child Rescue Alert campaign with the help of TellyJuice, who created the animated video starring Stephen Fry. Supporters Crime and Investigation channel (CI) approached us for help.  They were inspired by a comic book hero trailer that we had...

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sex in advertising does not sell

Sex and Advertising

This week a US advertising agency has vowed to never again use the objectification of women to promote brands. To support their promise, Badger & Winters have released this video #WomenNotObjects showing women sarcastically confronting sexist adverts that hypersexualise and objectify women’s bodies for marketing purposes. Certain brands are well known for the kind of...

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Celebrity paparazzi

Could a celebrity boost your video marketing campaign?

On October 30th 2015, Amazon premiered its new advertising campaign for Amazon Prime, starring an unexpected celebrity: The following day the name Jeremy Clarkson appeared in 90 newspaper headlines, according to Google Trends, and at the time of writing, the YouTube version of the advert has gained almost 2.7 million views. Amazon chose quite possibly...

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christmas adverts 2015

Christmas Ads 2015 – Lose The Schmaltz, We Love The Weird, The Shocking & The Hysterically Funny

Hysterically Funny: Poo Pourri This is toilet humour at its absolute finest. The script is a delivery of perfectly polished poo-puns. The acting (children especially) is fantastic. As the kids keep coming, so do the jokes – right up to the very last moment. Not a second is wasted in this awesome Christmas commercial. “Holy St.Nicholas! He’s dropping...

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Digital Christmas Card

Video Christmas Cards: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

With 21st century technology comes 21st century Christmas cards. But are video cards the season’s greetings of the future or a Christmas cringe-fest? We take a look at some of the reasons a video Christmas card may, or may not, be for you. They could go viral If you upload your family’s video Christmas card...

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Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 16.37.52

#nanonthetown: 2015s Best John Lewis Advert Spoofs So Far

At around 9:15pm on Friday 6th November, the nation began collectively weeping as this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert was premiered. You’ve probably seen it by now: The “Man on the Moon” advert cost £1 million to shoot, and was conceived as part of a joint partnership with the charity Age UK to raise awareness...

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