Let’s Take This Outside: The Pros & Cons of Alfresco Filming

Now that Summer is here (for now), crews around the country are getting their kit together and getting out there. Given the chance, everyone wants to film outside in the real world, right? Not necessarily. When working to a brief, there’s a wide range of factors to consider when deciding on location. Here are some of the key areas our Production team consider when making that call.

Sound familiar? Why some songs are so popular in advertising.

What is it about some songs which makes them so popular in edit suites around the creative industry?
Music choices will obviously be led in the most part by the brief, as the audience and purpose of the content will always determine the genre, mood and lyrics. That said, there are some tunes guaranteed to get the client nodding their heads in approval and they have some common characteristics.

Go Shorty! Oscar-worthy Short Films

The 94th Academy Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on Sunday night. Sadly, in a bid to streamline the show, eight of the categories will no longer be televised. This includes the three short form categories – live action, animation and documentary.

olympic stadium graphic

The Impact of the Olympic Games: Ten Years On

Beijing Winter Olympics drew to a close yesterday. It’s been an incredible showcase of the strength and determination of our world’s elite athletes. But as the athlete’s return home, what legacy will these games leave on the host city?

Introducing Our New Design Director

It’s busy time for TJ over the summer so we haven’t had a chance to introduce the latest addition to the team until now. Tristan Wickham joined us in August as our amazing new Design Director. I asked him a few questions to find out more about the man behind the Wacom tablet…

brighter futures for children film still

Children in Care Tell Their Story

Earlier this year we were contacted by The Brighter Futures for Children team based in Reading. The children they worked with wanted to produce a film which told their story and encouraged other children who might be starting their journey in care.

glastonbury 2019

TellyJuice Do Glasto

The office was a bit quieter last week as some of the TJ team glittered up and headed down to Glastonbury.

Love Island Has the Office Hooked, 100%

After a month of cracking-on, mugging-off and coupling up things in the villa are hotter than this week’s heatwave in Europe. Now that Love Island has returned to our screens, lunchtime chat here at TellyJuice Towers has moved on from the epic drama of Game of Thrones and now revolves around who is grafting whom and who is in the DBS.

Powerful Storytelling On Screen vs Telling The Whole Truth?

The HBO series Chernobyl has received huge praise in recent months. It’s currently the highest-rated TV series of all time on IMBD. Inspired by the worst nuclear power disaster in history, the series has been applauded for its attention to detail and powerful storytelling. Whilst not the easiest to watch, it skillfully tells the human stories behind the events which sent shock waves around the world.