Nimbus were interested in building their brand profile and developing video content that would help potential clients to answer some key questions about cloud hosting, and encourage agencies to host their websites with Nimbus.


TellyJuice worked closely with Nimbus to identify the key areas that potential clients would find of interest. We then developed them into individual films that answered these questions. TellyJuice then presented the idea of combining the authority of the Nimbus guys with key testimonials from their clients, using the key idea that all the websites hosted by Nimbus were “Powered by Nimbus.”

We combined documentary footage from the Nimbus office and data center with a more stylised day in the studio to create the films.


“We arrived at TellyJuice with a limited brief of: “We would like to use video to communicate our core values”. It was our first foray into the world of corporate video, and as soon as we began working with TellyJuice, I knew we’d found someone special…. The final result has genuinely exceeded every expectation we had and represented brilliant value for money too. The quality of the finished product is unsurpassed.” Matt Cooper, Marketing Director of Nimbus Hosting.