TellyJuice Create Peak Advertising Campaign for Freesat

Senior Creative: Kate Chedgey
Producer: Zoe Papadopoulou
Art Director: David Skinner
Designer: Neil Szymanski

The advertising campaign idea

Here is a series of 5 television adverts created by TellyJuice for Freesat.  They asked us to develop a campaign which promoted their new Freetime Box and all its wonderful features.  The campaign needed to be on brand and support Freesat’s core message of ‘happy telly’.  Shown here are 3 of the on-air commercials.

Freetime’s features brought to life

We developed Freesat’s ideas and created the animation style to bring Freetime’s features to life in a fresh and fun way.

The adverts were made using a combination of Cinema 4D and AfterEffects.

Freesat were very pleased with the results – so much so that they commissioned TellyJuice to create some sponsorship bumpers for an on-air ITV campaign in the same style.

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