Christmas Ads 2015 – Lose The Schmaltz, We Love The Weird, The Shocking & The Hysterically Funny

Hysterically Funny: Poo Pourri

This is toilet humour at its absolute finest. The script is a delivery of perfectly polished poo-puns. The acting (children especially) is fantastic. As the kids keep coming, so do the jokes – right up to the very last moment. Not a second is wasted in this awesome Christmas commercial.

“Holy St.Nicholas! He’s dropping Yule logs down the chimney.”

Shockingly Controversial: Edeka

The German supermarket brand has packed an emotional punch with this beautifully made advert. It’s super-powerful, so much so that if you were toying with the idea of spending Christmas with friends instead of family this may well change your mind.

To quote Mike and the Mechanics “Say it loud, say it clear…”
Did Dad teach his kids a valuable lesson? Or did he just create a block-booked diary for his kids’ psychotherapists? The ad has certainly created a stir, the comments on YouTube are wide and varied from “Well there goes my manliness, I can’t stop crying,” to “Grandpa, you f*@ing troll.”

Uncomfortably Cheeky: Pornhub

Definitely not one to watch on Christmas day in front of your mum and dad. This is certainly memorable, well-made and funny but leaves you feeling slightly … ew.

Rebelliously Naughty: Coach

Breaking and entering into Santa’s Grotto? Punching Santa in the face? Could this high-end bag commercial get any feistier? It’s certainly got people talking AND watching with over 5.5million views on YouTube so far. Nicely done.

Brazenly Blasphemous: Mulberry

It’s clever, but if God exists, makers of this Mulberry ad campaign will certainly be meeting the red fella (and I don’t mean Santa!).

Ingeniously Conceived: Kit Kat

This ad is so bold and clever. While all ad agencies and video production companies around the world are spending huge budgets on huge productions, celebrities and special effects, Kit Kat have come up with something that is so refreshingly different and yet so on brand. And what do you see? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even a Kit Kat logo in sight. Brilliant and brave – we love it!