Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #4

The Spring has brought fresh weather and fresh creative inspiration in the form of TellyJuice‘s Clip Club.

This month Senior Creative Kate showed us some clips proven to make audiences giggle. They are borrowed from ‘The Science of Laughter’, an interesting evening at the Barbican in conjunction with the London Comedy Festival. Here is a charming comedy moment, and all without CGI or post-production trickery.

Ducks with engines. No explanation needed.

Harry picked this clip: Watchtower of Turkey. A stunning film which was shot over 20 days travelling around Turkey. The whole thing was done in Final Cut Pro and is cleverly edited by matching colours, shapes and movement.

Harry also chose this clip of a pet dog doing a skydive with his owner. Totally watchable but morally it split the office as to whether it was cruel or not.

Ian, our new Senior Designer, chose The Vein’s new music video. It’s a visual feast with amazing fluid visual effects.

If like us you love a ‘making of’ just as much as the video itself, here it is:

Emma chose another music video: OK Go’s ‘Upside down & inside out’. Known for pushing the boundaries of video making, OK Go really did it this time: by taking 21 zero gravity flights to produce this awesome piece of work:

The ‘making of’ is also wonderful: prepare for puke, cosmonaut training tips (you never know when you might need them) and great behind-the-scenes tales.