Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #3

Every month we invite three TellyJuicers to share with the wider company some creative video clips they have found. Dave Toomer (Creative Director), Kate Chedgey (our new Senior Creative), and Natalie Garden (Production) all found some inspirational vids. Here are the top three!

Dave found this great AMC Takeover reel from 2014. It showcases all the great content that AMC has to offer. This is an excellent corporate broadcast reel with a fantastic knocking sequence. Steady now!

Kate shared this fantastic video of an extraordinary chase and reunion of two lovers. The film was shot on an iPhone, using overlays from Google Maps, and is all about imagination, perseverance and some super, super powers! Enjoy.

And lastly, Natalie found a lovely little 30-second promo for Sky Movies’ autumn season. The creative producers on this video used graphics really well to create new, almost film-poster images for the films being trailed. Very nicely done.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for watching!