Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #5

Adverts to blow your mind

It all got a rather profound in Clip Club this week, as Jason showed us this great advert for Windows HoloLens. The world’s most advanced holographic computer platform enabling mixed reality. It sent our heads spinning and as we sat in our Juice meeting room with our sarnies and crisps we began to wonder not only about the future of video but ponder the bigger questions in life,: what is reality? Are we even really here?  We all got a bit Zhaungzi – Am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man, or am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly?

video inspiration

You will need to click here to see the video:

Jason also showed us this fantastic video of Disney animator Glen Keane. Glen is passionate about creative arts. The video begins as something reminiscent of a Creative Cut but then by 2 mins 42 seconds the reality changes! Is this the future of storytelling?

MK showed us this digital interactive video advert from clothes brand Style Pit which also embraces new tech. It’s a video snapshot showcasing its range of products. Users can pan the ultra-long lookbook in slow motion, click on any of the clothing pieces and purchase or share them on social media. The snapshot was captured using a high-speed Phantom Flex camera, shooting 1,000 frames per second and traveling along the full length of the set at 50 mph on specially designed tracks.

Gone are the days of elaborate hand-built sets and multiple costume changes. Amazingly, this AICP sponsor reel (also chosen by MK) is done in CGI. The dancing avatars keep you mesmerized by their classic dance moves and huge array of visual effects. The result is a very cool explosion of colorful fur, feathers, particles and more.

Videos that keep it real

MK then brought us back to earth – literally to the Earthship residents’ community in New Mexico. This cool little documentary explores Michael Reynolds’ utopia: a whole village of homes built from rubbish. “Tradition and culture are two of our biggest enemies,” says Reynolds, “They stop us from evolving.” The houses are beautiful, creative and perfect for those who want to keep it this-worldly-real as opposed to the augmented reality of Windows HoloLens.

Harry then showed these highly amusing character-based documentary clips of two people trying to keep it real. One is Harlem Knight Fight, the life of a Wall Street banker who engages in full-armored knight battle, complete with axes and swords. This is no joke…

The other is a straight talking boxing coach who thinks his Wall Street banker clients are all a bunch of nerds (one of his nicer insults).

More clips to come in a few weeks.  In the meantime feel free to take a look at TellyJuice’s own creative video production.