Creative Video Inspiration – Clip Club #6

Ian, our Senior Graphic Designer, kicked off our sixth Clip Club with a beautiful animation called ‘One Bright Dot’ by Paris-based motion designer Clement Morin. Created in Cinema 4D and After Effects, the main character in this film is a little dot of light. Poetic and expressive, accompanied by beautiful sound design, the clip had us all mesmerized.


Ian also showed us Morin’s ‘Insignificant’, a trailer for the upcoming animation series which is scheduled for release in early 2017. The series dwells on the mysteries of the universe and the trailer gives us a glimpse of more beautiful motion design, sound design and animation to come.


When Ian introduced his final pick ‘The Last Job on Earth’, we wondered if he had something to tell us… It turns out this cool little story-based short was commissioned by The Guardian to make us all think about our future in an automated world. “Machines could take 50% of jobs in the next 30 years,” it states, but as Ian pointed out, there’s no way a computer could have scripted and created a film like this.


Next Bethan, our violet-haired Creative (admired by Emma Bunton on a recent shoot) showed us the trailer for Walking Under Water. Another beautiful soundtrack, stunning cinematography and – wait, what? Is that man really breathing underwater through a fish???


Next Bethan showed us ‘The Wonderland Book’. A film about Kirtsy Mitchell – a fine art photographer from Surrey. It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes of Kirsty’s exhibition, showing the stunning fantastical sets, elaborate costumes, props and months of hard work that go into each photograph. As fans of the moving image, we all agreed that the film lent the images a greater depth of appreciation.


Bethan finished with some superb parody. Saturday Night Live’s tale of handmade horror, an all-star cast and an appreciation (however mocking) of Wes Anderson…


Our Creative Director, Dave Toomer, showed us this clever and creative German commercial featuring the unsettling character of Mr.W. What a brilliant twist! Did you see it coming? We didn’t.

Last but not least, Dave showed us the fun you can have with a green screen and old Star Wars toys you’ve got laying around. Here’s both the final film and the making of: