Everybody ❤ GoPro

Here at TellyJuice Creative Video Agency we’re lovers of all things video, so of course the tiny, versatile and quite frankly amazing GoPro digital cameras are right up our street. Whether they’re mounted on bike helmets, surfboards, hula hoops or drones, these cameras can produce unique videos, ranging from the totally immersive to the truly spectacular.

The GoPro has been causing stir in online video ever since the company’s official YouTube channel launched back in 2009. Now, five years, two thousand videos and half a billion views later, there is no denying GoPro’s mass appeal.

With all this in mind, we Juicers thought we’d bring together some of our favourite GoPro videos, some of which might be new to you, and others which are definitely worth checking out again:

1. Avalanche Cliff Jump – epic and terrifying, this is just the sort of video the GoPro was invented for.


2. Pelican Learns To Fly – the ultimate bird’s-eye view


3. Felix Baumgartner’s Point Of View – the record-breaking jump that had the whole world watching.


4. Superman With a GoPro – exactly what it says on the tin. Mind-blowing.


5. In The Eye Of The Storm – a powerful short made during the wave of street protests in Brazil 2013