Love Island Has the Office Hooked, 100%

After a month of cracking-on, mugging-off and coupling up things in the villa are hotter than this week's heatwave in Europe. Now that Love Island has returned to our screens, lunchtime chat here at TellyJuice Towers has moved on from the epic drama of Game of Thrones and now revolves around who is grafting whom and who is in the DBS.

Who’s Our Type On Paper?

To get a flavour of the current discussion around a Nusa soup or a salad box from Whitecross Street Market (other Old Street lunch options are available), I quizzed some of the top Love Island lovers in the office. Here’s what they said …

Production Assistant, Caitlin

Favourite to win: Amber and Michael, late bloomers… I like that it was natural, not forced.

Most shocking moment so far: Yewande turning out to be everyone’s biggest bitter nightmare.

Islanders you’d most like to share a villa with: Michael, Jordan and Lucie – my kind of people, they’re up for fun and don’t take themselves too seriously!

Creative, Bethan

Favourite to win: I wish it could be Curtis and Tommy! Curtis seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Most shocking moment so far: Turning out to like Maura, I hated her at first.

Islanders you’d most like to share a villa with: Bloody none of them, couldn’t stand the drama!

Producer, Natalie

Favourite to win: Amber and Michael because I think they’re the most genuine couple. They were slow to start but now they clearly fancy and respect each other.

Most shocking moment so far: Danny picking Arabella in the re-coupling.

Islanders you’d most like to share a villa with: Curtis because he could teach me ballroom dancing!

Bethan and Natalie get in on the action!

Strong opinions from the office fans here. Luckily for totally loyal babe fans Bethan and Natalie, they have been able to put their passion in action by producing a smart on-air and online advertising campaign for the brand new Love Island Game app for our clients at Fusebox Games.

You can check out the final product here