New Advert for The Guardian Jobs Website

If you haven’t seen The Guardian’s new Jobs website, then take a look, as not only could you find the perfect new career challenge for yourself, but you’ll also see the latest advert made by TellyJuice.

Director: David Toomer, Art Director: David Skinner, Motion Graphics: Adam Cutts, Producer: Zoe Papadopoulou

The Brief

The Guardian asked us to create an advert to promote the new jobs search facility on their website. They wanted the advert to show how they can build confidence and teach a new skill set to their audience, and called the job YOU:V2.

Of all the support that the website provides, for example, How to brush up your CV, How to present yourself better, How to network, we chose 3 or 4 elements and set to work.

The Video Production

advert storyboard by tellyjuice
After the creative idea and storyboard were signed off, we spent 1 day in a studio shooting the film. Most of the action you see is live action – our main actor on a treadmill, and a crew of dancers in morph suits. However some elements were added later in post, in particular the giant CV which is 100% CGI.

Art Director David Skinner explains,

We filmed the actor as a clean plate on set using the same camera data that we had created within Cinema4D. Adam and I then created the different CVs in Cinema4D. We then completed the film using AfterEffects to composite the footage, textures, lighting and 3D elements.

commercial shoot day by tellyjuice

In the Press

the guardian print advert by tellyjuice

We also created digital web banners and stills for their off-air print campaign.

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