PETER KENNARD: Artist and Teacher

Peter Kennard claims he’s just a person making art as opposed to an artist. However, his artwork is some of the most famous anti-war imagery from the 20th century and is a voice for the millions in the world who are oppressed and unable to be heard. Peter uses photomontage

FRASER LAING: General Eyewear Designer

Based on an incredible collection of vintage frames, sourced from all over Europe – General Eyewear designers have taken spectacles to another level with their unique and bespoke frames available to the general public, high fashion & Hollywood studios. Rated as one of London’s best shops, Owner Fraser Laing and


“Everyone’s born with a creative gift. It’s a skill, you can learn it. But art hasn’t got anything to do with learning a skill or learning to draw – Art is about having something to say.” In this Creative Cut film, Jane McAdam Freud, British sculptor and artist gives great

PAUL VIRAGH: Actor, Writer, Director

Paul Viragh is an actor, writer and screenwriter. Well-known as the writer of the BAFTA nominated movie Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Face of an Angel and Ashes. Through his industry experience of both actor and writer, Paul shares with us his thoughts and tips on the creative

BEN ZAND: Filmmaker and Journalist

Ben Zand is a journalist and documentary filmmaker who works with BBC2, BBC3 and Panorama and is currently the Editor of BBC Pop Up. Original, authentic and creative, Ben researches and features in all his current affairs documentaries, which take him all around the world. In this Creative Cut Ben

SAM BOMPAS: Experience Designer

Creativity – is there a mystery to it? Sam Bompas and Harry Parr are the creative geniuses behind Borough Market’s ‘Alcoholic Architecture’ – a walk-in cloud-cocktail bar that’s taking London by storm. Having recently launched the Museum of Food they are the front-runners in the world of culinary creations, flavour-based

A+E NETWORKS: Child Rescue Alert Commercial

THE BRIEF In collaboration with CI channel we were asked to animate this charity advert for Child Rescue Alert as part of a nationwide campaign. OUR APPROACH Using a combination of AfterEffects and Cinema4D to create this superhero feel campaign.  Voiced by the lovely Stephen Fry – the ambassador of