Shooting an Advert for ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’

The TellyJuice crew recently filmed a promo for SAS: Who Dares Wins for Viasat World.

Five ex-special forces soldiers put 30 recruits through their SAS selection process to see who is the most resilient both physically and psychologically. In order to show how grueling these tests can be we cast a Physical Trainer / Course Instructor from Wild Forest Obstacle Activity Centre and filmed him tackling an extreme cross-country course wearing a body camera.

Robin preparing to jump into the water… again.

Camera kit

We used a GoPro Hero 5 with a GoPro Karma Grip to keep the camera steady as Robin ran around the obstacle course and jumping into the water. In some of the shots instructor Robin had to hold the GoPro in his mouth so that he could be hands-free for the course!

We also shot the action at a high frame rate with a Sony FS7 so that we could speed ramp the shots in post. Many shots were repeated for different angles so Robin had to jump off the pontoon at least 10 times and throw himself into the swamp at least 5 times.

We also filmed SAS:Who Dares Wins instructor Ant Middleton in a large hall. We had to hang black drape around him to replicate being in a dark interrogation room, with practical lights hanging behind him and a soft box above. Ant is not only thoroughly badass but is also a lovely, accommodating guy.

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Check out the final advert: