Kick-starting your creativity? It’s child’s play

In the creative industry it’s so important to keep our mind fit and healthy. When deadlines are looming or there’s an important client to impress it can be hard to get your head in gear. Experienced colleagues and mentors can be a vital source of knowledge but some of the most creative minds I know are kids. Their imaginations are untainted, and their curiosity is boundless.

Let’s Take This Outside: The Pros & Cons of Alfresco Filming

Now that Summer is here (for now), crews around the country are getting their kit together and getting out there. Given the chance, everyone wants to film outside in the real world, right? Not necessarily. When working to a brief, there’s a wide range of factors to consider when deciding on location. Here are some of the key areas our Production team consider when making that call.

Sound familiar? Why some songs are so popular in advertising.

What is it about some songs which makes them so popular in edit suites around the creative industry?
Music choices will obviously be led in the most part by the brief, as the audience and purpose of the content will always determine the genre, mood and lyrics. That said, there are some tunes guaranteed to get the client nodding their heads in approval and they have some common characteristics.

30 Years of the Web… And Our Bethan!

Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web recently turned 30 and so did TellyJuice’s very own Bethan.

These two wonders of the modern world share much more in common than just a birthday, take for example…