30 Years of the Web… And Our Bethan!

Tim Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web recently turned 30 and so did TellyJuice’s very own Bethan. These two wonders of the modern world share much more in common than just a birthday, take for example…

Their Love of Cats

Ms Greatorex definitely favours felines, and the internet is also clearly obsessed with over 2 million cat videos on YouTube alone. 
Grumpy cats, keyboard playing cats, ninja-like cats… they’re all there and very much appreciated by Bethan.

Their Oracle-like Technical Knowledge

I could not have correctly installed my washing machine without the help of an enthusiastic expert online – all credit to this guy.
Similarly, without access to Bethan’s encyclopaedic knowledge of video file conversion my exporting skills would be seriously diminished.

Their Slightly Creepy Obsession with Serial Killers

The internet is awash with sites dedicated to mass murderers and although Bethan is a genuinely lovely human being, if you want to feel afraid then just take a look at her podcast playlist which is crammed full of real-life murder docs. It is truly terrifying.

And just like Bethan’s approach to her hair-styles over the decades, the internet is a fickle customer. To be remembered by its users in a week, let alone a decade, is no mean feat.

So, to mark both significant birthdays, we asked the office to choose their favourite internet viral sensation from the last 30 years and asked Bethan to choose her favourite.

The competition was tough, Bowie and Jagger’s music-free dance off battled against an Ultimate Dog Tease while a moving rendition of Mysterious Girl was pitted against Bobby Davro’s deadly dance.

For Bethan however, it was the footage of the arrest of the eloquent Paul Charles Dozsa which entertained her most. Who would have thought a succulent Chinese meal-loving suspect could bring so much joy to so many?

So what makes viral content stand the test of time?

Looking at these favourites from around our office, the common characteristics seem to be humour, originality and authenticity. Regardless of budget, strong believable characters and a simple idea seem win the heart of the audience.

At TellyJuice we work with a wide range of budgets but whatever we are working on, we believe a strong idea and an honest and authentic approach is key. We want to create viral campaigns with as much impact as Charlie biting his brother’s finger, which stop an audience in their tracks like this chipmonk and which help build a customer as loyal as this Britney fan.

So come in for a cuppa and have a chat about how we can break the internet together (with or without Kim).