TellyJuice Create a Series of Animated Digital Video Adverts for Freesat

We were recently asked by Freesat to create a series of engaging films that showcase the many additional benefits of Freesat’s Freetime service.

Freesat wanted the films to be short and fun, so that they could use them across their social media.
The whole campaign generated over 315,000 views on Twitter. Freesat were delighted with the success of these videos and the ROI exceeded their expectations.

Mixed Media: 2D and 3D

We thought it would be a fun idea to use everyday objects to creatively describe the great Freesat products and features (pause, rewind…etc).  We made some 2D hand-drawn illustrations and set them in a 3D environment using Cinema 4D. We then added camera moves and comped them together in AfterEffects.  The colours chosen were taken from Freesat’s branding colours and the music and sound effects bring the action to life.

The crocodile shows you how you can ‘Snap up last week’s TV with On Demand.’

The submarine was created to promote Freetime’s ‘Set your recordings from anywhere’ feature by asking,  ‘Got other things on your radar?’

The karate-girl was made to demonstrate the ‘pause’ and ‘rewind’ features.