TellyJuice Create Sponsorship Adverts for Freesat

Freesat secured a sponsorship deal with ITV with just over a week to deliver the creative.  They were so pleased with the success of their previous advertising campaign made by TellyJuice, that they asked us to come up with some further ideas to support the campaign.  So without a moment to lose, we set to work.  The TellyJuice collective brain buzzed overnight and the following day we put forward 6 creative options to Freesat.  Freesat liked them all, so decided to take on board all 6 ideas!

The Production

The entire TellyJuice graphics team switched on the warp drive and with the super-powers of Senior Creative Kate Chedgey and Creative Director Dave Toomer, we turned around the entire campaign in record time and with what we hope you’ll agree is great creative!

The Result

We have received lots of great feedback, but most importantly our client Freesat is very happy which is the biggest compliment we could wish for.

The sponsorship bumpers are currently dominating the sponsorship air-time of ITV2.

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