TellyJuice Welcomes Senior Motion Graphic Designer: Ian Clarke

TellyJuice is delighted to welcome new Senior Motion Graphic Designer Ian Clarke to our ever-expanding team. He comes to us from the largest TV broadcasting company in Europe: Viasat/MTG, where he art-directed shoots all over Europe and won many awards. Just this week his Christmas spot won a Silver World Promax award in the Best Animation category.

Originally from Limerick, the self-proclaimed ‘all-round-magician’ has also freelanced with lots of big brands. Ian has an B.Sc in Multimedia from Dublin and an MA in Digital Film and Animation, not to mention a wicked sense of humour. He has worked in many of Europe’s capital cities including Stockholm: “‘Twas awesome craic,” he comments.


Here is a brief interview with the man himself including some stills taken from his body of work.

Q. What appealed to you about working for TellyJuice?

A. There is a great body of work produced here and loads of great clients. When I went for my interview I could tell instantly that TellyJuice has the perfect combination of a creative yet relaxed atmosphere.  It’s a winning combo.


Q. When you’re not at work, what are you up to?

A. I’m renovating my house. The gaff was christened ‘the crack den’ when we moved in and it’s a black hole of lost weekends and every penny I earn.

Q. What are your passions in life?

A. Design. Film. Parties & shenanigans.


Q. What’s your proudest career moment so far?

A. Winning a Promax World Gold award.

Q. As well as motion design, what are you also awesome at?

A. Making curved radiator templates: a skill no one should be without.


Q. What are you looking forward to in your near-future career?

A. Doing great work here at TellyJuice with the great in-house design team. They are wicked.

Q. Do you have a claim to fame?

A. I won a cool box when I was 4 years old because I’d emptied all the other names of out the entry box in the supermarket. A few days later my mother took the call to say that I had won. Our lives were never the same after that.


See more of Ian’s portfolio.