TellyJuice’s New Signing

TellyJuice has signed a new superstar: Envy Post’s Jo Franklin as Head of Production.

Franklin has given her first interview as a TellyJuice player.


Franklin! Welcome to TellyJuice, how does it feel joining the team?

Very exciting, I can’t wait to get stuck in.

What made you choose TellyJuice in particular?

It was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. TellyJuice are well known in the industry as a creative video production company. They have a great presence on social media and I’m aware of their work. They are a great company with big ambitions and I’m excited to be a part of their future. And TellyJuice’s culture appeals to me; they’re informal and approachable but passionate and creative.

You have an impressive record of production and post production. You’ve come across some big industry players in your career, what experience has this given you?

I have 5 years Post Production experience at Envy Post and before that 7 years experience in Production at ITV. I have experience of commercial clients, broadcasters, rebrands and corporate clients so I understand what these clients need and how a job needs to be delivered from both a production and post production perspective.

What style of Head of Production do you hope to be?

I’m highly organised yet my approach is informal and friendly.

How important are the ambitions of the TellyJuice team to you?

Although TellyJuice already have a great reputation in the industry, I like the fact that I have the skills and client base to help them grow. TellyJuice have great relationships with their clients and I’m looking forward to introducing them to more clients.

What do you hope to achieve as a TellyJuice player?

I’m joining the team at a very exciting time. TellyJuice have just had a big rebrand and I’d like to help to take the company forward.

Do you feel that this squad can deliver trophies this season?

Yes. They’ve just won a Promax Award and no doubt they will win more. They’ve got talent, creativity and now – me!

Going back to your roots as a child, what or who influenced you in your style and technique?

I was a Girl Guide, so I was taught to always be prepared. As Head of Production it’s the little details that count.

And lastly, what do you love to do the most?

In my career – I love to deliver work that the client loves. At home in Worthing I love to walk my dog Dexter on the beach.

And now a word with TellyJuice Creative Director: David Toomer

David, is superstar Jo Franklin the big money signing that TellyJuice craved?

At the end of the day, she’s the best of the best. We’ve proved that TellyJuice can attract the best in the industry. She also comes with a wealth of experience and at TellyJuice we pride ourselves on only employing nice people.

How has the rest of the team reacted? Can it disrupt a team’s dynamic when a superstar joins?

At the end of the day, we’re on the march. The whole team is gunning together for greater glory. We need a big man upfront, erm I mean a wonderful Head of Production.

What do you predict for this coming season? Is Franklin going to be pivotal in getting TellyJuice to the top?

At the end of the day, it’s all about using her in her best position. We’ve built an amazing team and we’ve had some great results this season, but we need to continue to build on our success.

Come on you Juicers!