Video is only getting bigger: Marketing trends for 2015

If you consult the oracles that are the BBC, The Guardian & Forbes you will discover that along with wearable tech and intelligent mobiles, video will become yet more prominent in our daily lives. Over the next year we will see Ultra High Def TV as the norm, an increased use of drones, an increased use of video in online customer services and Apple will launch the long awaited 4th generation Apple TV. Likewise for business, video is only getting bigger. During the last few years the use of video for marketing purposes has been steadily growing. So if you want to get ahead of the game, here are a few tips on how you should be using video to your best advantage.

video in 2015 tellyjuice video production

Hero Content: Brand Films

2014 was the year of the brand film. Otherwise known as a web video. Sitting prominently on a home page, the brand film describes the company’s services and gives you an insight into the company’s brand personality and ethos. Brand films are the perfect way to promote a company and increase customer loyalty without the hard sell. A brand film is essential viewing for any company website. Don’t panic if you’ve missed the rush for a brand film, the need for every company to have a brand film is as strong as ever. Read more about brand films.

This year everyone will want: Explainer Videos

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2015 is the year of the Explainer Video. Brand film produced, businesses are turning to Explainer videos as the perfect way to show how a service, app or product works in a way that text or images cannot do. Explainer videos will have a prominent role in user experience tactics. Read more about explainer videos.

We’ll view more: Mobile

mobile compatible video marketing tellyjuice

2015 is also the year of mobile video. The average Brit spends 5 hours a week watching video clips and movies on their smartphones or tablet devices. Video viewing on mobile is only going to increase. For businesses this means making videos that work on mobile platforms which is crucial to increase reach without impacting on spend.

We’ll engage more: Emotional Marketing

emotional marketing in 2015 tellyjuice

2015 is also the year of visual storytelling. Due to the increase in marketing noise, marketeers need to find a way to help their message cut through. The buzzword amongst marketeers this year is emotional marketing. Visual storytelling will be huge as a way to communicate a brand’s philosophy but also to engage the emotions of consumers. Stories have the power to electrify, to inform and educate your audience, moving people to take action, changing behaviours, and getting results for your business. We are hard-wired to engage with stories, they make us want to find out more.

And beyond…

In 2015 video will dominate as the social media content format of choice. Regular video segments, like podcasts and blog posts will come into their own as a form of content that drives engagement and other marketing goals. By 2017 74% of internet traffic will be video.

2015: Off to a good start

Kick off a successful year of marketing or internal communications with video. For advice on your video strategy for 2015, email us, or call us. TellyJuice is a video production company, we’ve been making video for years and we’re experts in storytelling, not only that we ensure that every video is on-brand and mobile compatible. Want an idea of how much a video will cost? Check out our prices page.