It’s official: YouTube has a bigger audience than ever,

watching for a longer time than ever.

So said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at VidCon this week. 1.4 billion people populate China, whereas YouTube has 1.5 billion logged-in viewers every month. That’s 1/5 of the entire world’s population.

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Perhaps more impressively, the average viewing time for each of those viewers is 1 hour. And that’s only counting the logged-in viewers, so statistics are likely to be much higher in reality.

These figures have grown from 2011 when the average viewing time was only 1 minute. The statistical leap can be explained by mobile devices as most of those 1.5 billion views are on mobile, which wasn’t so accessible in 2011.

Video marketing is a huge opportunity for businesses


Sadly, due to the fact we were too busy creating video, we weren’t able to visit VidCon 2017 held in Anaheim, CA. If you’ve never heard of VidCon it’s a multi-genre online video-based conference attended by tens of thousands of people and many major industry players from the entertainment and business worlds.

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