Video Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool used by ambitious brands looking to deepen their relationship with customers and clients.

You’re thinking, Storytelling for business- really? It sounds like an airy-fairy, fluffy, untouchable ambition, but we need to give them facts! However we aren’t talking about nursery rhymes or movie blockbusters type storytelling here (although the three act structure takes some beating). NO, our passion is for skillful, well-crafted corporate storytelling, business storytelling, great communication that engages an audience, something that gives them a buzz of emotion and makes your video work. Storytelling is marketing’s secret weapon. Harness it and amazing things can happen.

Because stories have the power to electrify, to inform and educate your audience, moving people to take action, changing behaviours, and getting results for your business. We are hardwired to engage with stories, they make us want to find out more.

By telling a story your audience’s brain is in sync, dopamine is released and the content is stored in our brain’s hard drive.

Are you a Pusher or can you Pull?

This is a post-advertising age, viewers are people and people only watch content that they are pulled towards. Today’s audiences have an opt-in mentality.

So many corporate communications fail because marketers stuff their content with dry stats and too many messages, rather than telling a story. This is a self-defeating approach and should be avoided.

Why is this a mistake?

We have all been forced to sit through a dreadful corporate video, where you genuinely can take no more in. There is a scientific term for this, called ‘A Cognitive Backlog’.

Not to get too Dr House on you, but this means that the viewer becomes weighed down by so much info that their brain just can’t take any more in. All that has been pushed at them is forgotten, viewers can even become stressed because they have been overwhelmed by information. The result is that your message is lost and you end up with a missed opportunity and a stressed out audience.

How could you forget me?

The key is to consider your audience first, plan out your message, and embrace storytelling so that all the information within the story makes a real connection with the viewer, using story to pull them towards your message rather than pushing information towards them. By doing this your content will make a real impact and your messages will be remembered and will move people to take action.


“Stories are just data with a soul”¬†Brene Brown


If you are starting to consider a video project, feel free to get in touch, we’d be glad to answer any of your questions.