TellyJuice – Corporate Video Production Company – Make two new videos for The Guardian and Observer

the guardian

This week we have completed two videos for The Guardian to launch and promote their next generation app for mobile and tablet.  We were especially pleased as we have created video for The Guardian and Observer before, and when a client returns to a corporate video production company for more work, it couldn’t be a bigger compliment.

The brief was to showcase the updated features of the app with a walkthrough video (as opposed to a how to video).  The tone was to be engaging and sophisticated but also convey the sense of playfulness that The Guardian has as a modern, confident brand.

We recorded the voice over with the fabulous Robert Llewellyn, who during a Pro Tools hiccup, went into Kryten for our entertainment: “We’ve got a Pro Tools anomaly.”

Here is the video we made using After Effects for The Guardian daily editions app for tablets…

And here is the video to promote the next generation app for mobile…


The drive behind the videos was that audiences should download the app.  Needless to say everyone at TellyJuice Towers now has the next generation app on their phones, which is – in our humble opinion – rather cool and not only that, FREE!