Behind-the-Scenes of Ninja Warrior UK Aqua Park

Earlier this month we produced a 30 second commercial for ITV to promote the launch of the Ninja Warrior UK Aqua Park. Dave, Maddie, Lauren and the crew spent the day filming at the park on a lovely warm June day. However, despite the fun going on on-camera, they stayed completely dry.
filming ninja warrior aqua park

Filming tactics

We hired talent and filmed them on a Red camera both from the beach and whizzing around on a motorboat. A second camera – a drone – shot the overhead action. The brief was simply to show how much fun it is, which proved easy as the cast had genuine fun.  The only issue was getting them to complete an obstacle without falling in. Many, many, many takes later the shots were in the can and the cast were exhausted. Filming ended there, but Dave wasn’t finished with the park…

filming ninja warrior uk aqua park
ninja warrior uk aqua park
ninja warrior uk aqua park drone

Dave took on the course

Dave loves a challenge. Having watched the fun from dry land, he was desperate to join in and give the course a go himself. A few days later he took his wife and two boys back to the Aqua Park near Windsor as paying visitors.

So… is he an everyday hero who completed the ‘world’s toughest challenge?’ Let’s just say Lucas and Alex (pictured here) were the ultimate ninja warriors on water and their dad had so much fun they’re going again this weekend!

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