Game: Snog, Marry, Avoid? Love Island Style

Like 4 million (odd) others, we have been completely caught by the Love Island bug. Natalie has been known to stay up ridiculously late after a night out to watch it on catch up, Bethan hasn’t had the time or inclination to watch any other TV series that doesn’t fit with the Love Island schedule and Lauren, who was staying in a remote, signal-free and TV-less log cabin in Cornwall, downloaded the show while out and about during the day to watch on her phone in the evening.

Here at TellyJuice we tune in at night and even work on Love Island sizzle reels during the day. So when Fusebox Games asked us to make an advert for the launch of their hit new Love Island mobile game – how happy were we? Check out the finished ad above and (just for fun!) below are some snippets from our fave lunchtime topic of conversation.


Snog: Jack (old)
Marry: Jack (new)
Avoid: Georgia

Best character: Wes, Josh & Jack as a group are really fun to watch. And Dani is very sincere and seems like a true and honest person.

Tip to win: Got to be Dani & Jack, they’ve been strong contenders from the start and come across as lovely people.


Snog: Original Charlie
Marry: Jack because he’s the one one that’s not a complete player.
Avoid: Georgia!

Fave moment: When Megan stole Wes from Laura BAM out of the blue.  Loved it.  They slept together the same night. Brutal.

Best character: Megan because she causes so much drama, but I definitely wouldn’t be friends with her in real life.


Snog: Josh
Marry: Old Jack
Avoid: Alex

What do you love about the show: It’s a great excuse to gossip about people without feeling too bad about it because they’ve brought it on themselves…

Fun to hate: Megan. She definitely brings an extra element of drama, she’s unpredictable, ruthless and completely self-absorbed!